Friday, April 24, 2015

The Envoy available in print!

We at Falworth Publishing are proud to announce that our first Book "The Envoy" is now available in PRINT from both and! Now you can own 88 pages of epic LEGO creations and a gripping tale of adventure in the palm of your hand!

Order yours today! :)

~The Falworth Bros

PS- Sequel is in the works!

Friday, March 21, 2014


The Io's fury was savagely bombarded from behind! The blast of the explosion completely vaporized the tiny vessel! But before the complete destruction of the ship, the crew beamed down to the surface of a nearby unexplored planet!

Unfortunately, the crew had no time to set proper coordinates, and they found themselves separated from each other!  

Mark of Orion, the fearless spaceship captain, was greatly distressed at the apparent loss of his ship. 

"Zounds! When I find the sucker who hit us from behind, they've had it!" 

Mark wandered across the rugged terrain, the gaseous atmosphere swirled thickly around him.  

The poisonous fog rapidly cleared and, suddenly, Mark found himself in the center of a imperial squadron!

Instantly, every enemy weapon was locked on the lone pirate.

"Uh... Greetings! I come in peace!" 

"Enough with that, rebel scum! Surrender or die!" The Imperial captain snarled. 

Mark wanted to appear innocent, and it was often possible to fool the not-so-brilliant Imperial troops. 

"Hold on! I'm not a rebellious intruder! My ship was shot down just outside this atmosphere! If you hurry you can catch the fiends!"   

The captain grinned maliciously.

"We took down a pirate craft just seconds ago!"

"Uh, that's well, that great! You've already got them! Bravo! I'll see you gents later!"

"Wait just a second, what are you doing with such a powerful handgun, and a sword?"

Mark looked down at his automatic laser pistol and razor-sharp sword.
"One can never be too careful out here." 

Undaunted by the innocent act, the captain continued.

"Our scanners indicate that the crew escaped to the surface before the destruction of the ship!..."

Mark of Orion wasn't about to give up.

"See what I mean? There could be bad guys anywhere!" 

"Okay, that's enough! Take him men!" 

The Imperial captain hailed his starship with his communicator. 
"ICV Scimitar, nine to beam up."

Friday, March 7, 2014


After 6 months of hard work and perseverance, we have completed our first "real" book - The Envoy: The Anselm Saga - Part I. We're thrilled! The next two parts will be coming as we finish them and we hope to eventually compile the trilogy into one huge novel. But for now, the story of a young hunter-turned-emissary's quest is available to all for $4.95 in eBook format!

Kudos to our sister, Julia for all her help with our snazzy cover image and blog design! ;)

Buy Now

Here's the description on our digital content site: 
"Imagine being a young hunter in a peaceful forested land, and suddenly being thrust into a vitally important role as the sole emissary to a neighboring kingdom, seeking aid in a struggle against the most deadly of foes - an evil empire bent on destroying your homeland! 
This is the ebook version of the epic medieval fantasy novel, 
THE ANSELM SAGA - completely and colorfully illustrated with photos of amazing LEGO creations built by the authors, Mark and Steven Erickson.
LEGO fans and readers young and young-at-heart will be enthralled with the sweeping tale of struggle and victory as kingdoms collide and empires invade!"

Here are a few photos from the book:

There are 17 never-before-seen LEGO creations by Mark and Steven featured in the illustrations!

 Be sure to get your copy today! 

Stay tuned for more, here at Falworth Publishing. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Smallish Update.

I would have liked to post another Finale Figures volume but the outside lighting has not been suitable for photography...

But, we're going though the final stages of writing and editing! Soon we'll get to formatting! :p (We haven't made our books available on kindle before. Tough stuff I assure you.)

Also, great progress is being made on the finale build! I'll leave you with this very exciting teaser pic-

The heroic "Mark of Falworth" in all his glimmering glory. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finale Figures. Volume 1

Well, one of the things we wanted to accomplish while writing this first book was to beat our biggest build record. (Currently held by our Or├░lokarr Castle.
The big build is in-the-works and the details and designs are well underway.
It will also be the closing scene in this first story which we thought was kinda cool. ;)

We plan to release photos of said creation when our book is published! So if you see a huge build with our signatures on the bottom check out our blog to get your hands on THE ANSELM SAGA Part 1 "The Envoy"

In the meantime, enjoy the first wave of custom minifigures that will be featured in the grand build finale!  

The Knights at Gisellicburg, We've built a few more knights since taking this picture. But don't worry! You'll see them soon enough... ;)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

THE ANSELM SAGA- Episode One Coming!

Above is an early preliminary photo of two book character ideas "Mark of Falworth" and "Squire Francis" These are essentially the same, though slightly different, versions of those used in the book.   

That's right folks, Episode 1 is coming very soon! We decided to break down a very long tale into several books, or "episodes". This will make it easier for you to get your hands on some of what we're working on. ;)

Who are we? Well, most of those who will read this will know Mark and Steven Erickson from their Flickr Photostreams and from our LEGO creations.
We also are the authors of the Warfare by Duct Tape books. So, you might know us from there as well.

We've long wanted to write a book series illustrated with our LEGO creations and last year we got the wheels turning!

We hope to keep you all updated here with the latest info on our series and eventually you'll be able to buy the books right from this site!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back often!