Friday, March 7, 2014


After 6 months of hard work and perseverance, we have completed our first "real" book - The Envoy: The Anselm Saga - Part I. We're thrilled! The next two parts will be coming as we finish them and we hope to eventually compile the trilogy into one huge novel. But for now, the story of a young hunter-turned-emissary's quest is available to all for $4.95 in eBook format!

Kudos to our sister, Julia for all her help with our snazzy cover image and blog design! ;)

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Here's the description on our digital content site: 
"Imagine being a young hunter in a peaceful forested land, and suddenly being thrust into a vitally important role as the sole emissary to a neighboring kingdom, seeking aid in a struggle against the most deadly of foes - an evil empire bent on destroying your homeland! 
This is the ebook version of the epic medieval fantasy novel, 
THE ANSELM SAGA - completely and colorfully illustrated with photos of amazing LEGO creations built by the authors, Mark and Steven Erickson.
LEGO fans and readers young and young-at-heart will be enthralled with the sweeping tale of struggle and victory as kingdoms collide and empires invade!"

Here are a few photos from the book:

There are 17 never-before-seen LEGO creations by Mark and Steven featured in the illustrations!

 Be sure to get your copy today! 

Stay tuned for more, here at Falworth Publishing. 

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